Intuitive Counseling, Sand Tray Therapy, and Expressive Arts for adults.

Private Sessions:

We all have mental maps of the world. When we were very young, we decided how the world is and we laid down maps in our nervous system. These maps and rules are perfect and beautiful because they helped us to survive. All of your own maps, your stories and ways of viewing the world are valid. And yet there are infinitely more maps, stories and ways of looking at things than the few that you are used to.  There are other ways of moving in the world, living in the world. Other ways of being. You really are free – and safe - to stretch out and look around.

Art and energy work are two ways you can slip into open, uncharted territory. Both Expressive Arts and Intuitive Counseling engage the physical sensations of the body and the nervous system.  Both allow us to move into the nonverbal, nonlinear, dream-like intelligence of images, physical sensation and frequency. They both work to untangle our preverbal confusions, and literally help us integrate new ways of being in our minds and bodies.  We can create new pathways. New maps. And even more wonderfully, both art and energy help us to see that we are the explorers, not the maps themselves!

In our sessions, you can choose to focus on energy work, art, or both. With Intuitive Counseling we’ll usually sit in chairs, working with inner imagery and physical sensation.  Or, we can use simple arts such as crayon on paper, movement, sand tray, collage or painting.

You don’t have to be facing a particular challenge to benefit from sitting with me. Listen to yourself. You’ll know exactly when and if a visit with me will feel right. Of course, please do call if you have any questions.  We will always address what is important to you.  We'll follow your own, unique journey and agenda.  But maybe like others who sit with me you would like to:

  • get to the heart of the matter and stop chasing your mental tail (or tale)
  • feel much more safe and relaxed
  • feel "permission" to be who you are
  • feel more love - both in the giving and receiving
  • feel more connected to yourself, others and life
  • trust yourself
  • trust life
  • befriend your body
  • know the difference between who you are and what you are feeling
  • treat yourself and others more kindly
  • give up trying to "fix" yourself (you're not broken)
  • honor your own timing
  • calm your nervous system
  • be with yourself instead of against (or without) yourself
  • stop trying so hard
  • feel more peace
  • be aware of over-arching themes and struggle less with details
  • support your own growth and unfolding
  • feel genuine self-respect, self-appreciation and self-love
  • navigate any major life event or transition such as death, divorce, job change, new relationship, relationship conflict, or long-term illness with more ease, love and clarity

Please do call if you have any questions. I am fortunate to know many wonderful practitioners, so I may be able to point you in a helpful direction if sitting with me doesn’t feel like the right thing at this moment.  In the meantime, no matter what is happening in your life, know that you truly are doing great. Love to you! Christina Brittain 619-838-5378 or


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