The Comfort Coloring Book

You have found a soft place to land. With its soothing affirmations and coloring pages, The Comfort Coloring Book reminds you that all is well, and you are loved. Use The Comfort Coloring Book to relax, meditate on positive messages, and restore your peace of mind. Color the book with friends to have fun and uplift your spirits! Or color with your children to help them see themselves and the world with more kindness and love. Open these pages, get out your crayons, and color your way back to the wonderful truth of who you are. You are good. You are loved. And you are standing in a friendly universe.

The Lighten the Your Vibe Coloring Book

You are about to take an affirmation joy ride! The cheerful messages in The Lighten Your Vibe Coloring Book will open your heart and have you grinning from ear-to-ear! These jubilant coloring pages and playful words are bursting with happy reminders that you have the power of intention, joy is the point, and the universe is ecstatically conspiring in your favor! Color this book alone as a powerful meditation on the awesomeness of being alive! Color the book with friends as an instantly uplifting party! Or color with your children and family to share positive messages about yourself, each other, and all the blessings in your life! Crayons in hand, dive into these pages for a colorful celebration of who you are and this extraordinary life!