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Intuitive Counseling:

Your mind doesn’t know the answers.  All the solutions, clarity and direction emerge from your heart. FEELING has all the information, and all the transformative power.  Another word for feeling is frequency, or energy.

I work with you and your energy patterns, cellular memory and the bioenergetic energy field around and through your body.  What that really means to you is FEELING.  Together, paying loving attention to the feeling currents in your body, you’ll form a new relationship to your body and its energies, and to your own, intuitive wisdom.  You’ll learn to move WITH yourself – your whole self, rather than from a cut-off sense of self.  Moving WITH, and honoring what is naturally emerging from your Wholeness, relieves the intense internal stress of trying to CONTROL your body and life itself from the mind alone.

Personalized guided meditations/inner journeys, Theta Healing and other energy healing therapies, spiritual coaching, awareness practices and soulful conversations are all likely to be included in your session. Every session is unique because we will always intuitively follow and respond to what is unfolding for You in that moment.  Our work will help you feel relief, relaxation, expansion and reduced stress and pressure.  Part of the intention around every session is to help you see things more kindly, love yourself more, and lighten up about this being alive thing!

You don’t have to be facing a particular challenge to benefit from sitting with me. Many people use me as a witness and fresh perspective for their on-going spiritual practice. Others schedule with me when they’d like clarity and to feel their own strengths in a particular event or situation in their lives.  Listen to yourself. You’ll know exactly when and if a visit with me will feel right.

In addition to in-person sessions, I offer sessions over the phone.  Some clients prefer the phone for a cocoon-like, almost trance-like clarity that comes with focusing on just that voice in the ear and feeling of the energy moving during sessions.  And of course phone is wonderful if you don’t live in the San Diego area.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions. Your path and unfolding are totally unique, but below is a list of some of the benefits people have shared with me from our sessions together. You, too, might like to:

  • Create a more loving relationship to all aspects of yourself, others and Life Itself.
  • Access, listen to and trust your own wisdom and authority
  • Slow down, lighten up, be present and truly enjoy Life
  • Feel more self-appreciation, confidence and permission to be yourself
  • Feel more love – both in the giving and receiving
  • Know in your body the truth that All is Well
  • Get out of your head and into your heart
  • Discern the difference between protective programming and Who You Really Are
  • Feel your intimate connection and Oneness with Everything
  • Heal feelings of loneliness, isolation and being somehow “on the outside.”
  • Befriend your body and the natural flow of life
  • Address over-arching themes and struggle less with details
  • Calm your nervous system, feel more peaceful, and reduce stress, anxiety and internal pressure
  • Support your own unique growth and personal unfolding
  • Navigate any major life transition such as death, divorce, job change, new relationship, any relationship conflict, long-term illness or other challenge with more ease, love, clarity and appreciation

Session Fees:

1 Hour     $125

1.5 Hours     $160

4 Hour Package     $425 (Save $75)

Please do call if you have any questions. I am fortunate to know many wonderful practitioners, so I may be able to point you in a helpful direction if I might not be quite the right fit for you.  In the meantime, no matter what is happening in your life, know that you really are doing great.  All is well.

Love to you! Christina Brittain

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