Colored by the Amazing Light we call Kory Dyszkewicz!

I magining the future, I
T ear myself in a thousand directions of IF.
Re-imagining the past, I
A nchor myself in muddy “truths.”
In either direction, I
L eave myself. Over and over I
L ive in a a
H azy fantasy of fabrication, with no
A wareness of the
P resent and its
P eace. But here, in this moment, all my
E nergy is
N ow. Available.
S imple – without the endless, complex details to
I nvest in.
N ow. Available. Simple. I sit on the
T hrown of presence. Whatever it is that I am is
H ere with this
E xtraordinary
P rivilege of witnessing miraculous movement
R oll through me, as me – this unique
E xpression of Infinite Life.
Seated in this
E xquisite place of seeing, I am truly home, held, in the
N exus of formless and form, love and its celebrations. I
T hrum and pulse and revel in the very aliveness of experience itself.


Thrumming with you, seeing with you, loving with you here in the present moment,